Monday, January 30, 2012

New Tidalforce Batteries and Motor!

I bought 2 new Tidalforce front hub batteries and a Tidalforce motor over the weekend for an excellent price. All are in excellent physical shape, except the batteries are missing axle spacers which I didn't photograph. Kind of critical, however, I'm more interested in using them for spare parts. The motor is complete and in excellent condition. I plugged it into a working battery and it spun up very powerfully. I'm wondering if it could be an X version. It would be wonderful if it was. I will put a skewer on it and compare it to the stock 750W motor to see if I can spot the difference. I believe it is an X motor because of the added stickers on it. Here are some pics.

The Tidalforce motor is on the left. One battery, missing the wire guide is in the middle and the other battery is mounted to my new red Tidalforce S-750 fork.

 The working Tidalforce motor with the 7 speed cassette.

The Tidalforce motor has an unusual sticker on it. It has "122510-01 A" and what looks like a serial number of "00429".

 The first Tidalforce front hub battery missing the wire guide.
 The sticker on this battery states "122508A" "03190 PCB REV 3 05/31"

The other battery states "122508 A" "03260 PCB REV 3 05/31"

Here's the second battery mounted in the S-750 for testing. If either one is working, I'll probably remove the guts and put it into one of the other two TF front batteries that is dead.

More later,

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