Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful Stripper (Wire Stripper, that is!)

I was at Radio Shack today and found this neat looking device. It's an automatic wire stripper. It's $17 and looks like a Rube Goldberg-like device. I took it out of the package at the store and couldn't really figure out how it worked. I bought it on impulse!

When I got it home to try it, I had figured out that you lay the wire across the opening sideways instead of inserting it into a hole or slot as I had imagined. You simply insert the wire up to the red stop piece. Squeeze the device's handle and the insulation pops off the wire. The wires remain perfectly intact and pristine, no chance to cut them since the cutter is very shallow, in fact, it's hard to tell where the cutter is located!

Any way, with this device and the Tricrimp, it's now a 5 second affair to strip a wire and a 10 second affair to put an Anderson Powerpole on!

Life is good!

More later,

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