Monday, May 3, 2010

Bosch Fat Pack BAT836 Dissection

The Bosch Fat Pack 36V dissected.

The circuit board containing the charging connector and the LEDs (not shown)

One of the end covers (amazingly complex molding)

The bike is in the shop so I decided to take apart a newish Bosch Fat Pack BAT836 36V battery for use with my ebike.

It has four screws on each end with one of them covered by a small plastic plug. The small plug can be popped out with a jeweler's screwdriver. Just slip it under one edge and the little rubber plug just pops out.

It's solidly built and very heavy duty. The case is a thick red plastic with 2 rubber coated plastic ends. The two ends are reinforced with protective plastic strips that fall out when the two ends are removed. The top cover where the battery would connect to the charger is also held in place by the two ends. Once the ends are removed, the port and charge state LEDs lift up showing the two red (+) and black (-) wires.

All that is needed is to drill two holes in the ends and route the short red and black wires out those holes and reattach the two ends. Simple and neat.

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  1. I wonder if you can help me.I use these batteries on my 250 watt motor. I was given a lawn mower that uses them with a battery. The battery powered my bike but not the mower, and the battery i already had would power the mower okay. The person who gave me them had fried the charger. I want to use the battery but dont trust putting it in my charger in case it damages it. Would you know what is wrong with the battery and can you tell me what the middle of the three connections on the charger and battery are for? Eventually my mower packed in and i took it to peices. Like the charger and battery it has 3 connections directly to the motor, if i connect power to the positive and negative the motor will spin but is burning out the wires, do think there is a way to get round this? I wired a 12vcar horn to my battery by tapping into 14v of the battery. My ebike is home converted mountain bike. I just run on one 36v bosch in seat bag to get to work and back (3 miles) i can take another to go further. This all keeps weight down. so i can still ride if i run out of power as wheel will freewheel and is fairly light. I do want to suss out extra battery i have so as to try and link together all three to get further distance as you have been doing and maybe aquire a couple more. hector