Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First commute with rear motor and disc brakes

I rode in to work today on my new setup. It's a wonderful ride. I set it up for 36V since my 72V controller isn't working properly. Also, my 12V 18AH SLA booster pack somehow died so I went without it.

The bike is very smooth and quiet. This rear e-bikekit.com motor is much quieter than the front motor. I guess because the sound is coming from under and behind me. Whatever the reason, the motor is very nice. The lighter steering of the front wheel is also a nice benefit.

The Avid mechanical disc brakes work VERY well. It's a bit surprising when you pull on the brake handles and the bike comes to a VERY quick stop. I have to learn how to modulate it a bit. The front disc brakes make a quiet clicking sound when the brakes are applied. The rear brakes are less powerful but are very quiet. I may switch the front with the rear so that the braking pressure is a bit more equal. Right now the front brakes are more effective than the rear brakes.

Also, be sure to check the weather for the day before hitting the road on your bike! I just looked outside and saw that it's raining. The last time I checked the weather, there was no rain in the forecast. Hopefully, the weather will clear up before my commute home tonight or it's going to be a very wet home trip!

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