Thursday, September 29, 2011

The chosen one... ( battery)

After checking just about every possible configuration of LiPO batteries to try and fit them into my Tidalforce front hub, I've come across one that would work. It's not quite up to the AH that I was hoping for, but it will definitely fit and reduce the weight of the front end of my iO without affecting the balance of the bike by placing the battery over the rear wheel.

It's the Hobby King 8,000 mAH 5S Lithium Polymer battery.

With a pair of these packs, for an equivalent 10S1P, I can get 37V 8AH which considering the cost ($74 each, $148 a pair) is quite an amazing bargain. They are also capable of very high current output and can be charged with the pair of balance plugs. Gary Goodrum's BMS should be perfect for this setup when configured for the 5S packs and it can simply be placed into the hub with only the power plug extending from the hub itself. Very neat and very powerful considering the cost and size...

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