Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tidalforce Wavecrest Front Hub Battery Upgrade

I've renamed this blog entry slightly differently from previous entries because I think I've turned the corner on the disassembly of the Tidalforce front hub battery and am now focused on the retrofitting it for new batteries.

In preparation for different batteries, I've made up 3 cardboard dummies (models) of a popular size of lithium polymer battery from to test fit them inside the Tidalforce hub's shell. The size is roughly 150mm x 50mm x 50mm. Many of the LiPO packs from HK are slightly smaller then this size, but I thought it would be better to try and fit the larger sizeinitially instead of a smaller size.
The actual pack I chose for size is this one:

It's a Zippy Flightmax 5800mAH 6s1p battery. I would need 4 of these in a 2s2p configuration in order to reach the 36v 10AH requirement. 4 of these batteries would be well above that at 44V 11.6AH. As you can see from the photo below, there's one small problem with this scenario!

This pack, more than likely, will not be the pack that i would use. However, it's a typical average size I'll need to figure out how to fit 4 inside the Tidalforxe hub.

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