Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Folding Bike Pedals

I have very little space in which to store my bikes. In particular, there's a very narrow doorway in which to fit the bikes in. I hated the thought of having to move out two bikes in order to move a third out of the storage space. With the arrival of the two new Tidalforce bikes, I really wanted an easier way to do this and I think I found it! Folding Bike Pedals! It may not seem like much but the couple of inches they save make a huge difference!

Here they are in working mode.

Here's how they look folded. 

With them folded down, it's much easier to slip the bikes out without them catching the extended pedals in another bikes wheels/spokes. It makes moving them much more pleasant. I found them on eBay here.

To close them, you click the two metal tabs on both sides of the pedal. Pull the pedal outwards and rotate them down. To put them back in working position, click the two tabs. Rotate them back up and push them back towards the crank arm. Simple!

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