Monday, February 6, 2012

Tidalforce Front Hub Battery Take-apart and Repair

The front hub battery on the complete red S-750 bike that I picked up was completely dead. No voltage whatsoever and won't charge. I've decided to swap that battery out with one of the good front hub batteries that was missing the spokes and rim. The only real challenge is replacing the keyed metal axle that is missing on the good 44.1V hub battery!

Here's a good front axle.

You can see the solid axle along with a hefty keyed tab that allows the battery hub to align with the front fork and prevents rotation of the front hub along the axle. It also supports the entire axle.

Here's one that's missing the keyed portion.
You can see the axle nut inside, but the keyed portion is missing. This is how one of the bare front axle hub batteries arrived.

Here's one that's missing the entire keyed portion as well as the threaded axle.
I'm wondering how I can remove the tabbed piece? I assume that you can unthread the axle piece from the tabbed piece, but can't figure out how.

Does anyone have any idea?

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