Friday, March 15, 2013

Crystalyte 35 series motor/controller/batteries for my M-750X build

The motor/controller/batteries for my M-750X build came in yesterday thanks to Scratch1973. It's quite a kit for the price. I checked all 3 batteries and they were out of balance. Two of the packs are somewhat damaged but it looks as if they are held in a metal outer case under the thin shrinkwrap plastic cover. They do not have balance leads which is surprising. So I'll be disassembling the packs, adding the JST-HX balance wires, testing each cell of each pack, and reassembling it perhaps into a different configuration.

I liked that the battery had a pre-charge resistor. This eliminates the possibly huge ZAP that happens when you hook up a large voltage to a controller.

Here are the pics.

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