Tuesday, March 12, 2013

eBikes.ca Cycle Analyst and Lights

I picked up a set of eBikes.ca (Grin Technologies) parts this past week. One is a small screen Cycle Analyst Stand Alone (SCCASA).

I also picked up the waterproof front and rear lights from eBikes.ca. They are very bright, very compact and mount easily to the bike via Zip Ties. They are also very versatile in that they can take any DC voltage from 12-100V, are virtually indestructible since they are lego-like blocks, have a memory so will come back on in it's former state (on/off/flashing) and can actually be wired as a brake light if so configured. Did I mention they're waterproof! :)

The tail light is very bright and the body is translucent so can be seen from all sides. The front light is opaque so projects lights forward only.

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