Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I can now make Tidalforce connectors! (Delphi Metri-Pack 460)

With the purchase of all of the necessary parts, I am now able to make Delphi Metri-Pack 460 connectors. I used some 10 gauge silicon wire and the connector looks and works beautifully. If you need a pair or two, let me know and I'll get them made for you.

ambroseliao AT gmail DOT com
(replace the" AT "with "@" and replace the" DOT " with "." don't forget to remove all spaces!)

I love these connectors because they are so dependable (they lock together) and they are completely waterproof. There are seals for the cables and the connectors as well. These are very high quality connectors.

If I were to make more, I would probably use 12 gauge silicon wire instead since the 10 gauge is a very tight fit. It works, but it's fairly tight.

If you are in need of replacing the front hub battery with a 3rd party battery and don't feel like replacing the connectors on your Tidalforce bike, then contact me and I'll make you a custom length cable that maintains the integrity of your original Tidalforce! I have the parts necessary to make an Anderson Powerpole to Delphi converter as well so if the pack you want to use with your Tidalforce is an Anderson Powerpole, I can make a converter for you.

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