Friday, February 17, 2012

Tidalforce Throttle, Console, and Spokes Arrived

I received a huge box in the mail today. The box looked brand new even though it was shipped from California! It contained:

1x Alex rims DM18, which is used by many original Tidalforce bikes.

36x spoke nipples
40x 125mm spokes

1x Tidalforce console/throttle/cables
1x Tidalforce motor clamp

2x Cheng Shin C1096 Semi-Slick XC Bicycle Tires. I haven't spent enough time riding on these tires but they seem to have a very smooth ridge and have a very pronounced tread pattern along the edges which should help improve grip in turns.

With these components, I should be able to complete the Tidalforce M-750 frame and fork so that it is a complete working Tidalforce bike. The only obvious item I'm missing is the power cable which runs from the front hub to the rear motor. It uses the waterproof, interlocking Delphi connectors. I could replace them with the popular Anderson Powerpoles, however, APPs are not waterproof. I also like to keep everything original if at all possible. I will need to find a source for Delphi connectors.

Here's a shot of all of the X motor components before it's assembled! :)

More later,
Ambrose Liao


  1. did you find delphi connector?

  2. Yes, I did find it. Thanks! Here's their catalog page for the Delphi connector. It's the 480 series Metripack on the right of this page.