Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazing unloaded speed of the Tidalforce X motor

After my video of discovering how fast my Tidalforce X motor was, I have kind of wondered how fast that translated to in terms of real-world ground speed. Doing a little calculation thanks to the website, I discovered that the unloaded speed of the X motor with a 26" tire mounted is 64.2mph! Check out the link below!

Here's the calculation:

830 / 12.93 = 64.1918 mph

Of course, the motor is current limited so it won't actually run that high with a rider/bike/batteries, etc. in the real world, but it's a tempting thought!

Also, the higher the voltage, the higher the speed even if it's current limited so the objective is to keep feeding this lovely motor a steady diet of unsagging voltage. Now I still need to figure out what the maximum high voltage cutoff of the motor is. (HVC)

I'm looking at buying/renting a variable power supply so that I can see where Tidalforce set their HVC on the controller built into the rear motor. Once I find out, I just need to set the maximum voltage that is fed to the Tidalforce motor a volt or two lower so that there's a bit of margin. I don't want to have the regen of the motor build up the voltage in the battery higher than what the maximum the motor can take.

Wouldn't it be funny to be flying down a hill shortly after coming off the charger only to discover that the regen has raised the voltage of the pack higher than the motor's HVC so that your bike stops working! :)

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