Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Tidalforce S-750X joins the family

I saw a Tidalforce S-750X show up on my local Craigslist this past week and I hesitated for a bit in going to see it... What am I thinking! I called and arranged a time to meet the seller! :-)

The bike has a flat front tire but is original in every way and comes with two cream colored chargers. The seller says that he used to live on the same street as an employee of Wavecrest Labs and saw him riding his bikes in the neighborhood. He eventually broke down and bought one. His new office is only one mile from his home so he doesn't feel the need to ride his bike to work since it's not much of a workout when you're on a Tidalforce..

Here are the CL photos which are kind of blurry but the bike is in excellent shape and yes, it indeed does have the X motor. The battery does not provide the full 9A, perhaps only 2 or 3A at this point, but the price was too good to pass up. Now I just need to sell something to pay for it! :-)

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