Friday, July 6, 2012

Hyperion 1420i NET3 charger arrived

I got the Hyperion charger yesterday along with 4 JST-XH 7S connectors so I'm ready to assemble the whole pack. The only hiccup is the way to attach the JST-XH balance leads to the pack. I could use simple crimp on lugs but that seems inelegant. I may use some tin battery tabs soldered to the leads and then connected to the poles of each cell. Or I may do something else. First thing is to cut the UHMW strips to the right size and drill the holes in the battery tabs. This is tricky since the A123 cells are charged, I will have to be extra careful when drilling so as to not short anything out. I will probably create a jig for this step and use the brad point bits I bought at Harbor Freight to do the job. I have a drill press, but since it's powered by AC and probably grounded very well, I can't use it to drill the holes. I will probably use the cordless drill since it's not grounded... I may actually resort to a hand drill (remember those) to do the job!

More later.

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