Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Noisey rear motor

I was very happy to have mounted the rear motor onto my eBike over the weekend. I didn't have a chance to actually wire it in for power, but at least I could use it as a rear wheel!

I took off for work on Monday morning only to find something was making a noise. First, it was fairly quiet, but the more I rode, the louder the sound became. Until it became unbearable about half a mile from the house. I had to turn around and head home and take the eGO in.

I then spent the evening trying to figure out what was wrong. Here's a sample of the sounds the ebike was making:

I called Jason at eBikeKit.com and he will be shipping me out another rear motor, one that he has tuned. The problem is that in this latest batch of motors, 9C (the OEM in China) used the same length spokes when they should have used 2 different legths of spokes. By using only one, the longer ones were not seated correctly in the rim and would squeak very loudly once weight is applied to the bike.

More later.

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