Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thudbuster first day

The Thudbuster I bought on eBay last week arrived yesterday. It looks very much like the one above. I installed it last night. I had to improvise a shim for it since the post is a smaller diameter than my previous seatpost. I used a long strip of some aluminum duct sheathing to form a shim. I took it for my usual commute in this morning and it works surprisingly well. The biggest surprise is that you don't really feel it working. I noticed that I didn't need to raise my butt off of the seat when going over bumps now. I just don't feel them in my backside!

My wrists are still getting the brunt of it though since I don't have a suspension front fork. That is next on the agenda since I am planning on switching to a rear hub motor. The combination of the front suspension fork and the rear hub motor should produce a nice smooth ride.

More later,

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