Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sold my battery on eBay

I wasn't happy with the power that the 36V 20AH battery was giving me so I sold it on eBay. I got pretty much what I paid for it so I'm happy. I'm now looking for a 48V or higher 10AH battery since that's all that I really need. I'm trying to reduce the weight and increase the power and reliability of the battery pack. This all started when I tried my 48V 3.3AH NiMH battery pack with my eBike. The power was amazing and the ride was wonderful since the bike was a fairly normal weight. The weight of the sealed lead-acid battery is a bit much at times, resulting in sluggish starts and a very bumpy ride.

As soon as I've found what I'm looking for, I'll post something.

More later,

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