Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finally at 72V and 40+ mph!

I went over to my friend, GCinDC from the Endless-sphere forums who helped figure out my 72V configuration. I bought a 72V 35A controller from Lyen in California back in March of this year and it has taken me this long to figure it out. First, the wires for the throttle were reversed. I figured that out by carefully looking at the color of the wires. However, GC figured out that the phase wires were reversed and so that it made a grinding noise when power was applied. He reversed the outside leads and the motor immediately quieted down and gained incredible speed. Here's a shot of the new controller all wrapped up and tidy under my Thudbuster.

With the batteries fresh off the charger, I was at 83.8 volts!

Here's how the bike looks with the new controller mounted on my bike and the new front fork and wheel. Overall it's a very tidy bike without too much fuss. I rode it into work today and it was amazingly fun. I almost popped a wheelie when I first started off!

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