Friday, June 4, 2010

Power problems this morning

I have a light day at work on Fridays so decided to ride in. Everything was going fine until about 3 miles in when I noticed that my power was sagging fairly dramatically. In fact, I was down to LVC (low-voltage cutoff) on my bike. I checked everything and noticed that I had used only about 2.2 AH which is about a 1/3rd of my expected power. I rode for about a mile and took the pack apart to see if I was having battery issues or motor issues. It looks to be that it is a battery connection issue. I am charging my packs now one at a time and seeing that 2 out of the 5 so far have come up to full charge very quickly. That tells me that they weren't used on the trip in!

I'm going to have to double check all of my Anderson Powerpole connections to make sure they are all VERY solid. I may need to tie them together somehow to prevent them from coming apart. If you think about it, a bike is a fairly high vibration environment and I'm hoping that my tying everything together will minimize my power losses in the future!

Wish me luck on my trip home.

More later,

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