Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reconfigured and slimmed down Bosch Fat Pack BAT836 batteries

I decided to go whole hog on my Bosch Fat Packs BAT836 36V batteries (BFPs) and fit 8 of them into my rear Topeak Expedition MTX bag. I took each of the 8 packs and disassembled them by removing the end bumpers which are plastic with a rubber coating and remove the extrusions that were not needed from the red shells surrounding the packs to reduce their size. I may do more, but with what I did, I was able to fit all 8 in.

First, the removal of all of the security screws, ends and protective end caps.

Then I used my Lie-Nielsen adjustable plane to shave off the parts I didn't need from the BFPs into a gardening planter bowl!

Then came the bundling of the packs together and of connecting the group of 4 Anderson Powerpoles that I needed for each pack. The configuration that worked the best was in a 1 flat pack over a 3 stacked configuration.

finally, putting them into my Topeak rack bag and zipping it up!

It fits snugly, but it fits. I intend to run the wires to the switch which I plan on installing tomorrow that allows for switching between 36 and 72V seen here

More later!

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  1. HI~ I want DIY my BOSCH 36V hammer drill battery change to use RC MODEL 9cell battery (37.8V) , but i direct connect battery's Positive Pole and Neagative Level to BSOCH 36V hammer drill can't be use , i see the OEM battery center have a connector , can you tell me this connector is have Voltage ? thanks!!!