Tuesday, June 29, 2010

W.B. Maske for Copper!

During my lunch hour today, I went looking for a small piece of copper to act as a bus bar for my 4PDT center off switch so I noted a couple of shops to hit. I went to the first shop and it was closed. I went to the second shop and they didn't sell copper sheets. I was sadly disappointed and started to head back to work when I drove by W.B. Maske Sheet Metal Works in Bladensburg, MD. This was a pure drive-by-and-jam-on-the-brakes type of stop!

I walked into their customer entrance and saw a very clean, well run shop. A very nice gentleman came up and I told him what I was looking for. He came back with a small 6"x8" piece of copper and handed it to me. He didn't want anything for it even though I offered and so I went away very happy that I had found, by pure chance, the copper piece I was looking for. I highly recommend them for outstanding customer service!!!

Thanks W.B. Maske!

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