Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Power problems solved! For now...

I spent some time this weekend and checked all 6 of my Bosch Fat Pack batteries and found one that was very low. I recharged each pack individually so that they were all topped off. I then rewired the pack so that the many connections would be more stable and not disconnect easily. Gorilla brand duct tape is very useful here, although a more convenient method of keeping single connection Anderson PowerPole connectors needs to be found! One that doesn't require that I stick on and remove duct tape!

Something like the Blok-Lok but for only one set of connectors not a pair of connectors.

The ride in this morning was fabulous. The weather was perfect (70 degrees and sunny) and the bike had tons of power. I averaged about 25 mph and topped out at or over 40 mph on the downhill straight sections. A wonderful ride!

More later,

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