Thursday, April 29, 2010

72V is next!

I received my 72V 35A 9 FET Lyen's Edition Infineon controller fully loaded with the CA connector, USB-TTL programming cable, and the 3 speed switch option. Now all I need to do is to wire my batteries up for 72V and connect everything.

When I took my 37V Bosch Fat Pack cells apart last night to rewire them, I noticed that I didn't make a very good connection with at least two of the six packs in my old 6P configuration. The wires just fell off of the soldered connections I had made. They were "cold soldered" or not making a very good connection if at all. So with my new TriCrimp Anderson Powerpole crimper, I took everything apart and put Powerpoles on everything.

Along with my new Bosch Fat Pack, I have about 50 Konion/Sony 18650VT cells which are what is used in the BFP packs. The configuration inside the BFP is 10S2P (10 serially connected 3.7V 1.1AH cells for 37V 1.1AH and another 10S 1.1AH pack in parallel for a total of 37V 2.2AH per BFP). I wanted to create at least one additional pack from these cells. Luckily, Doctorbass had sent me 4 complete 5S Makita packs so that I could more easily assemble my final configuration of 10S2P. I was able to assemble the two 10S packs last night but ran out of time in hooking them up in parallel.

Also, I need to create a harness that allows me to hook the packs up either in 2S4P for 72V 8.8AH or 8P for 36V 17.6AH. I've picked up a 4PDT 20A heavy duty switch which might do the job but haven't decided if that's the way to go or not. The switch (if I implement it, will allow easier recharging since I have 36V chargers).

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