Friday, April 16, 2010

First ride of the year April 14, 2010

I finally rode my bike to work on Wednesday of this week. I spent a bit of time to make sure the bike was functioning, however, forgot to check the tire pressure! Both tires were very low, in fact, the front tire didn't have any measurable pressure in it!  It's a miracle I made it safely. The rear tire was better at around 20 lbs, but still very low. It's a tribute to the Schwalbe Big Apple 26x2.35" tires that they worked as well as they did at such low pressure.

I need to start work on converting to the rear motor now that I have most of the parts I need to do the job. I have the front disk brake enabled wheel, the rear motor, the brake adapter to allow me to use the Avid BB7 on the rear motor with disk brakes, the 72V controller, etc. I've also got on order, more spare Bosch Fat Pack cells to complete my 72V conversion.

More later,

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