Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost there, small snag...

I swapped out the rear wheel with the rear 9C motor. Before I began, I thought that the biggest issue would be trying to fit the rear disc brake wheel into the TF frame. Many have tried to do this without success or they had to resort to cutting out the support brace from the frame shown here. I had already marked the frame support with a Sharpie to prepare for cutting it. But upon closer review, I saw that the support is flush with the frame and really didn't protrude out any further than the chain stay or seat stay tubes. Cutting the support wasn't really necessary and would weaken the frame at this most critical point.

It was fairly easy to swap the tube and tire from the old non-motorized rear wheel. It was also fairly easy to drop the whole assembly into the rear dropouts with the bike upside down. The only thing one needs to do is to place two of the thicker washers that are standard with the well thought out motors inside the dropout and one of the very thin washers that are standard on the e-BikeKit on the outside of the frame. With this arrangement of the washers, the disc brake rotor clears the support and the support does not need to be cut! You do need to push the dropouts out a tiny bit (1 or 2mm) for the motor to drop into the dropouts. This didn't take much effort, but is something you may need to do.

On my upgraded front crank (52T), which is actually a road crank versus a mountain bike crank, in order for the highest (smallest) rear gear to work with the standard dérailleur, I needed to put one thick washer inside the frame on the crank side. Without this washer, the dérailleur didn't allow the chain to reach the highest gear! Again, an easy placement and a small tug on the stays to allow the dropout to let the wheel to drop into place.

The only thing that stopped me from finishing the job last night was that I discovered that I had a 180mm rear disc mounted and the disc brake adapter that I had didn't allow the Avid to mount to the posts designed for it on the frame. I need the 160mm disc brake rotor. Also, I need to have a brake cable cut and fitted for the new disc brake. This is a very inexpensive item that the bike shop said they could make for $2!

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