Monday, April 19, 2010

PowerWerx Tricrimp on the way

I just found this Tri-Crimp online with a bunch of Anderson Powerpole connectors in 15-30 and 45 amp sizes. If you don't know, Anderson Powerpole connectors are great for ebike usage since they are very reliable, easy to mix and match, and are very flexible. The key advantage is that you can make them for any of your connectors including the hall sensors from your motor, the power connections between your controller and battery, between your battery and motor, between your charger and battery, etc. They are keyed so that it's very difficult to connect them incorrectly and they are very durable despite the fact that they are relatively small.

The Tri-Crimp allows you to make the power connections very easily and because it's designed specifically for the Powerpoles, it will optimize the connection so there won't be any weak links or need for soldering (which is what I had been doing).

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