Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New front fork and transition to rear motor

I had a small bit of time last night after I picked up my bike from the local bike shop (LBS) and I removed the front motor to mount the front non-motorized Bontrager wheel with the disc brake rotor. The new Manitou Trance front fork is certainly much taller than the Surly Instigator and the bike now has a much more aggressive look to it. I took it for a quick ride and the front suspension has very controlled damping action. It doesn't feel squishy and the extra height of it gives me more of an upright feel. It should improve my visibility in traffic and the front damping will certainly be welcome in my daily commute.

The next steps coming up are:

  1. Mount the rear motor
  2. Mount the rear Avid disc brake
  3. Install the Cycle Analyst instead of the DrainBrain
  4. Install the additional Bosch Fat Pack and DoctorBass Sony/Konion 18650VT cells
  5. Install the 4PDT switch so that I can switch between 36V and 72V
  6. Install the Lyens Edition 72V controller
Lots of work, but all fun and all part of the learning experience.

More later,

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