Monday, August 29, 2011

CBA Screenshot

The application that comes with the CBA is fairly straightforward, but has a bunch of neat features under the hood. First off is the basic testing screen. I captured this screen on my work computer so it doesn't show the CBA connected nor does it show the voltages of the connected battery on the right. However, it gives you a wealth of information as you would imagine: A picture is worth a thousand words...

You can tell that the voltage of the Bosch Fat Pack started at right around 40V and went down to 28V at the end of the test. It was able to deliver approximately 2.1AH. I used a 1A drain rate. You can see the dog leg for the battery happens right around 2.0AH. The application can stack data for multiple batteries and it can also export all of the captured data in either CSV (comma separated values) or Excel format. It can also print out labels so that you can label your batteries with it's test results. Handy!

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