Thursday, August 4, 2011

First (failed) attempt at making a jumper

Well, I tried to use the parts that arrived from Digikey yesterday to make a jumper for the Tidalforce iO in order for it to use a "B" battery. You have to install a jumper in the console that fools the console into thinking there's a Wavecrest battery connected to the "B" battery connectors. The TF bikes are very smart, some say too smart, and look for specific data connections in order to run properly. This little jumper overrides that "intelligence" so that it can use any 3rd party battery of appropriate voltage.

I opened up the package and much to my chagrin, saw how small the connectors are:

I tried putting a jumper together with two pins, a short length of wire and the connector block. It was quite a challenge. This is what I came up with.

Looks good, right?!? This is what it looks like installed in the console of the Tidalforce iO.
The only problem is: I put it together upside down. If you look at the wires in the connector to the right of the jumper I made, you'll see that there are openings along the top edge where it inserts into the surface mounted pins. I assembled mine with those openings down inside the connector. It wouldn't stay in place. I spent about 3 hours doing this. Very frustrating. I'm going to buy a small crimping tool to help put the pins and wire together and try it again tonight. 

Wish me luck!

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