Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Doctorbass's Heavy Duty Torque Arms Arrived

I got a nice package in the mail from my friend in Quebec, Doctorbass. It contained a matched pair of his new 3/8" steel torque arms or more appropriately, torque plates. They are truly massive and will help reinforce the Tidalforce frame's dropouts tremendously. Torque arms prevent the motor from destroying the bike's dropouts and conversely, prevent the motor from destroying itself when it destroys the dropouts! When the motor does spin out in the dropouts, it can not only destroy the frame, but it can also destroy all of the wires coming out of the motor at the same time. It's highly recommended to have a set of torque arms especially if you have upgraded your motor controller for higher voltage or amperage.

Here are some pics. I hope to install them soon. I'll be using the 3M DP-420 epoxy I bought off of eBay to mount them. The epoxy supposedly has tremendous shear strength after it has cured.

Here's the one for the derailleur side. There's a threaded hole for the derailleur itself.

Here's the one for the disc brake side. The angled opening allows for easier mounting of the wheel axle.

Side shot of one of the torque arms. Beefy!

More later,

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