Sunday, August 21, 2011

West Mountain CBA Arrives!

I found a used original West Mountain CBA for an irresistible price on the web so grabbed it before it was gone! It arrived today. I've wanted one for a long time. This will replace my YPedal inspired LBD (light bulb discharger). The CBA is a computer based device that allows you to visually capture the capabilities of your batteries. It doesn't matter what chemistry or power rating. It has a built-in fan and large heatsink as well as a USB port to interface with the Windows XP based computer. I'm mostly Mac based at home, but do have a small XP based Sony VAIO Netbook as well. I will try this out some other time, but have it on hand in case I need it!

The USB port side

The LED side. As you can probably guess. It's a fairly chunky, but small unit.

The top mounted small boxer fan.

The Deans connector (I think).

 The Anderson Powerpole to Deans connector (I think) connection. Of course, you can remove the Deans connector (I.T.) and just plug it straight into the APPs.

The heat sink is ventilated through to both sides.

More later.

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